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Indie Heaven is a hosted web solution. It is absolutely the best way for individual artists to get name recognition and to get their material heard by end users (fans and customers). Let's look at some music marketing.

The Traditional Way vs Our Way

The traditional way: after you pay the distributor, you have to do marketing. You can buy Facebook ads, which end up costing about 10 cents per lead, and you can buy e-mail lists from marketing firms for about the same price, but then you still need a way to mail them out, so you need MailChimp or something like that. And then, you want to get your material to the record industry people, so you pay a company like PRWire to get your songs to the ears that matter. PRWire says they'll get your press release to 4000 people for 300 dollars, and they give you tools to track the delivery and response. Well... hello? 4000 people? We can see more people than that just looking out our front door! And the people on that list, get 9 million press releases a day, and they're not the people you want anyway, they're "middlemen", and for your press release to be effective those middlemen have to tell other people. Eventually, if you're lucky, your PR will get to the end user. By the time you get through all this complexity, you're looking at another 1000 dollars out of pocket. Per song. And at the end of the day, you're paying to play. You're paying middlemen for the privilege of letting people listen to your music. There has to be a better way.

Our Way

Our way: you license Indie Heaven. It costs you 50 dollars a month. For that price, you get a web site with a working store, and help bringing it up till you're comfortable working it yourself. But not "just" a web site. You get a business and marketing powerhouse, that gets your name known and handles all the grunt work so you don't have to. Best of all, no more middlemen. Your material goes directly to the end user. In a volume that far exceeds anything a PR service could do for you. And on the back end, you get the analytics to back it up. Sophisticated tools that identify niche markets and suggest development strategies to help with the business of music.

Here's the landscape:

Double Ledger Accounting
Real Time Royalty Splits
One-Button Press Releases
Trackable Mailing Lists
IP Geo-Location of Customers and Fans
A Fan Club that links to Social Media
A Store that accepts 27 different payment methods
Automated financial rollups, monthly and yearly
User, Artist, and Company accounts, one-button taxes
Full Back Office with Fulfillment and Inventory Management
Instant promos attachable to store items and outgoing mail
Analytics that rival Wall Street's best AI, completely visualizable
Highly secure with audit logging and sequesterable user sessions
Works for a single artist, multiple artists, indies, and big record companies
Communicate with fans and customers in a dozen different ways
Automatic cycling of web site contents on calendar or on demand
Up to 4 million outgoing emails per web site per day
Enormous built-in databases *

And it's ALL IN ONE PLACE, and it's all tied together.

If you're an up and coming artist, Indie Heaven will launch you into the business of being a musician. Which means, making money! If you run the math on Facebook ads, you'll find you need 160,000 hits a month to make minimum wage, and to get that at 10 cents a hit, you can be losing up to $18,000 on every release. That's pay to play! You want to be making money, not losing it. Of the 1.4 million new artists on Spotify last year, fewer than 10,000 are making minimum wage. Indie Heaven is the answer. Indie Heaven removes your costs. Indie Heaven's "Artist Console" is the launch point into your business. It tracks your money and your fans, and it lets you communicate with your fans in real time. These days, success in the music business is all about establishing direct personal relationships with your customers. You don't want to be spinning your wheels on math or running around town picking up press releases. Indie Heaven provides everything a new artist needs to get started, and everything a successful artist needs to keep going.

Think about it in financial terms. You're far more likely to get 160,000 hits if you mail out to 4 million people, instead of just 4000. The industry average says you get about a 5-6% click rate for promo, so to get 160,000 hits you need to send to about 3 million people. And then, to get that "every month" you have to keep doing it. With Indie Heaven, the number of available endpoints far exceeds 3 million, it's more like 300 million - so if you have the computing power you can use this simple and automatic method to generate revenue - quickly, easily, and world wide. People won't get bored, it'll take a while to get through 300 million endpoints, and you can time your PR to match your releases, so you magnify the impact. And when you combine Indie Heaven with other marketing approaches (like Facebook and marketing firms), you have real power. As an individual artist you become almost as powerful as a record company, and as a record company this is your force multiplier, if you're running 16 web sites you can send out 64 million promotional emails a day, and if each web site is an artist you can promote each of your artists world wide within a 3-month cycle, this way each end user only gets one e-mail a week (from a different artist each time). There are many such strategies that work, and create revenue.

Here's how a press release looks in Indie Heaven: you choose a layout from existing templates (or create a new one), then you drag and drop any content into the boxes. Anything - text, HTML, pictures, anything but audio (which you can attach separately). Then when you're happy with the way it looks, you push the send button, and Indie Heaven asks you where you want to send it. You say, "all radio stations in California", push the ok button, then head to Starbuck's and enjoy your coffee while the computer does the work. When you come back, the job is done, and any time later you can individually track who comes back and where they came from.

You can be up and running in less than 24 hours with all this functionality.

* Depending on your hosting configuration, you have access to all 18,000 radio stations in the US, along with their music nodes and program directors - musical manufacturers (good for endorsements), music producers, and a host of related and unrelated marketing data. If you're into Christian music we have 750,000 churches nationwide. If you're a musician with a handicap we have 1.2 million doctors and hospitals. Like that. A small hosting setup is incapable of handling this much data, however we can provide it to you as a service, either locally or in the cloud.

The Rationale

Indie Heaven will get your press releases to 4 million people, not just 4000. Every day! You're limited only by the bandwidth your hosting provider will allow.

Therefore, Indie Heaven pays for itself with your very first press release. But that's only the beginning. You don't have to pay for MailChimp, you don't have to pay for press releases or a merchant, you don't have to pay to play. Indie Heaven will get your name out there for free (or, let's say, for 50 bucks a month, which is probably less than you'd pay any web designer or webmaster).

You can have a GoDaddy web site for 3 or 4 bucks a month, but then you're paying extra for everything. You pay extra for a web page layout tool, extra for a store, extra for a mailing list capability - and if you're a serious artist by the end of all that you'll be looking at more than 50 dollars a month. One artist we know uses Weebly and a widget called LinkFire, and those two things together end up costing 20 dollars a month. And there's still no store. And absolutely zero in the way of application functionality, no mailing lists, no way to track users.

Indie Heaven is the exact opposite. There's a few hours of up-front configuration, where you tell Indie Heaven how your business runs, what kinds of payment methods you'll accept, whether you want to enforce marketing follow-ups, your terms of service and your privacy policy, that kind of thing. After the initial configuration, you have a working web site with a working store, and it works while you do the fine tuning on the rest of the configuration. Indie Heaven provides "scenes" so you can test new configurations without disrupting the existing ones.

For those who are technically inclined, Indie Heaven is a "framework" built specifically for musicians. There are 1500 user facing functions, each of which have been unit tested and load tested. Indie Heaven will scale from one artist to thousands. Not only is it good for individual artists, Indie Heaven will grow with you, it will scale both horizontally and vertically. As your business grows, you'll discover that Indie Heaven already has everything you need. It has built in business domains and corporate hierarchies, and the cross-domain behavior is completely configurable.

Indie Heaven will host anywhere there's a Linux environment with cPanel, which includes the cloud, and local hosting (even on your own hardware). If you choose a Lite hosting package, you can use the databases as a service and pay as you go, otherwise you have the option of installing the entire dataset in your own cloud and keeping a private copy and updating periodically as needed. Indie Heaven is currently in use by successful artists and indies. It has been rigorously and thoroughly field tested over the course of 15 years. We use it ourselves, it runs our entire business.

We Help You

We help bring you up with your Indie Heaven installation. Most of our customers wish to run their own installations, and generally it takes about two weeks to get up to speed with the menus, and we help you with free video tutorials and free consulting time with every purchase.

If you'd rather have us manage your installation, we can act as your webmasters, and you can even host your installation within our network which means you'll instantly and always have access to the latest greatest datasets and software releases. If you're an individual artist, there is no faster way to get to the 1000-subscriber threshold that monetizes your YouTube channel.

If you're already a successful indie, Indie Heaven is absolute nirvana. With the Pro Version, Indie Heaven is a marketing powerhouse that delivers functionality only the big players have. Here in Burbank we have three of the four major record labels (the fourth being just a few miles away), and one of them pays more than a million dollars a month just for press releases. Just for the stuff that Indie Heaven does for free. Indie Heaven brings awesome marketing power to individual artists and indies. And oh yeah... it runs your business too. Look at the real time picture, or look at the picture on the books, or both. Push a button, get a fully formatted tax report, hand it to your accountant, you're done. How much easier can it be?

If you already have a corporate structure, configure it into Indie Heaven, and all your money will automagically end up in the right place. You can attach royalty splits to every registered item, and you can control whether the money flows in real time or periodically through financial rollups. When you hire people, you can assign them roles and privileges, for example you'll want your Back Office people to be able to see across artists, and probably some of the privileged ones will get to see across business domains too. Ordinary users will never see an Artist Console, and artists will never see a Management menu. The system is fully aware of each user's privileges at all times, and you can turn them on and off in real time by pushing a button.

You're in charge, you control Indie Heaven. You tell it how your business runs and Indie Heaven faithfully carries out your instructions. Everything is audited, you can see the entire history at any time, by session, by user, by web site, by business domain, any way you want. If you have a graphic artist you can permit them to access "only" the press release portion of the Artist tree, and not the mailing list portion. All this is available on intuitive user friendly configuration screens. Our experience has been that it takes indie owners about two weeks to learn the menu tree, because it's much more extensive and powerful than anything an artist sees. Indie Heaven can literally run your whole business if you let it - it can even handle large record companies like WEA (with Warner, Elektra, and Asylum underneath it, each one having multiple artists, some of which may have solo careers in addition to being in multiple bands at the same time - and deriving revenue from each of these activities).

The small up-front charge for an Indie Heaven license covers our costs for configuration. You'll notice that it scales with the number of seats. That's because big operations are more complicated than little ones. If you have multiple business domains and would like to configure some security into them, you will need to partition your sites per domain and then specify how you'd like Indie Heaven to handle cross-domain behavior. It's easiest with an hour-long Zoom session, in that time we can determine an adequate initial configuration and subsequently you (or we) can fine tune it as needed without disrupting any ongoing business activities.

We did a marketing survey. 100% of the respondents said they'd pay 50 dollars a month for this. So, that's our introductory price. Jump on it, it won't last long!

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